Announcing FreeWheel Media: The Largest Audience Network You’ve Never Heard Of

Brian Wallach Senior VP, Advanced TV Media Sales, FreeWheel

On March 13, FreeWheel hosted our first upfront event. During this year’s upfront season, we expect many industry players to talk about products and solutions that are “coming soon.” In contrast, we wanted to talk about advanced advertising solutions that FreeWheel has available now—hence the name: the FreeWheel NOWFRONT—and also highlight our vision for the future as we continue to rapidly iterate and innovate.

Today, perhaps the biggest challenge facing advertisers is audience fragmentation.

[Source: The New TV Whitepaper from Comcast Spotlight]

With over one hundred subscription video services available to consumers today across a myriad of connected devices, we as an industry often try to solve for fragmentation by creating and deploying point solutions. Case in point, the average enterprise is using over 90 marketing cloud services. As a result, we’re trying to solve fragmentation with more fragmentation.

We realize that marketers don’t need another platform– they need real solutions that drive business outcomes.

That’s why we launched FreeWheel Media: the most scalable, transparent and effective partner in the video ecosystem. FreeWheel Media’s purpose is to deliver unified advertising solutions for TV – in all its forms – that drive the most effective results for marketers. We bring together audiences, premium content across all screens, and data – all underpinned by the technology that powers the TV ecosystem.

FreeWheel by the Numbers

What many across the industry probably don’t realize is that FreeWheel Media is the largest audience network you’ve never heard of. We are able to find the audiences you need, where they are, across the video landscape.

Now you can: buy unified TV from FreeWheel. On linear TV, we access all networks and dayparts. We can build plans using our data, your data or syndicated data. We offer next day reporting and are MSA verified.  On digital, we have access to all video ad opportunities, not just pre-roll, not just mobile, and definitely not in-banner video. We have this across every screen – even the living room.  We offer transparency pre- and post-campaign, and we can deliver your campaign programmatically or via managed service.

In 2019 FreeWheel Media is laser-focused on these three initiatives:

  1. Moving to Real Results

The problem with attribution is that it’s not quick, can be costly, and often you receive the data too late to do anything with it. How does receiving an attribution study six months after the campaign help optimize results? Partner with FreeWheel because we are capable of making it faster, less expensive and actionable. See more about our new partnership with Data Plus Math.

  1. Building a Clearer Audience View

We know one of the most frustrating aspects of fragmentation is re-aggregating the audience in an efficient way. As a result, we believe our access to data and inventory, combined with deterministic measurement, will help marketers unlock valuable incremental reach against desired audiences. And we will do it efficiently.

We announced a new partnership with Vizio to leverage their smart TV data, in addition to our Comcast set-top box data set, which is already the largest TV viewing data set available. This will expand our footprint to include 6MM additional households and provide an enhanced look at consumption within the Comcast footprint, plus the incremental reach outside our footprint. In addition, we are the only industry player looking to help marketers solve this challenge with a guarantee later this year.  Come partner with us now as we pilot this capability.

  1. Shifting to Executional Simplicity:

In close partnership with DSPs, we are moving the industry forward by enabling our FreeWheel DRIVE solutions programmatically.

We are proud to announce the launch of a partnership with Adobe to begin executing on this, and we will quickly be adding more demand-side platforms to make this suite of solutions available to all our clients around the world.

With FreeWheel Media, NOW YOU CAN. Contact me or my team today to get started.

Stay tuned for more insights from the event, including the unique perspectives from our panel discussions featuring leaders from both brands and agencies, and of course our guest moderator, Guy Raz.