Building the Future of Data-Driven TV: The Quest to Create a Safe Identity Layer for the Industry

Jason Manningham GM, Blockgraph

We all know the demand for high quality, safe data in today’s advertising environment is escalating. Advertisers looking to build their brands and sell more products have turned to data to help them pinpoint and reach valuable prospects and customers, measure business outcomes and analyze marketing effectiveness. In short, data is the key to addressability and attribution – two capabilities now core to our clients’ media strategies.

Historically, data has been used primarily in digital media. As data becomes a bigger part of TV advertising, a new approach is needed that learns from digital advertising while solving the unique challenges of applying data across the TV industry value chain – from content to distribution. It is for this reason that two years ago we announced what today has become Blockgraph.

Blockgraph is a FreeWheel initiative that creates a safe way to use data and share information, built with privacy and security at its core. Serving the needs of the wider industry, the Blockgraph team is actively working with industry partners to facilitate the secure exchange of audience insights for addressable advertising.

Blockgraph’s new whitepaper, Building the Future of Data-Driven TV: The Quest to Create a Safe Identity Layer for the Industry, offers practical advice for companies moving toward the data-driven future. It features original research, commissioned by FreeWheel’s Blockgraph group in April 2019 in partnership with Advertiser Perceptions, on the biggest challenges and opportunities surrounding the use of data in TV advertising.

We are excited to release this paper to the industry as Blockgraph continues to forge a new path for TV advertisers. You can download the complete whitepaper here. We’d love to hear your feedback– don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.