Engineers Week: Driving the Future of TV

Yushi Xu Principal Software Engineer, FreeWheel

Happy National Engineers Week! We are celebrating by showcasing FreeWheel’s engineering team through the lens of three topics: The Future of TV, Big Data, and Diversity. Here’s our first installment of the 3-part series.

FreeWheel is at the center of the television ecosystem and the engineering team is at the core of our strategy.

We are leading the charge to unify linear and digital TV data to allow our clients to buy, sell, and measure the same audience across all devices, which is among the biggest challenges the advertising ecosystem faces. In fact, many have dubbedthe solution as the “holy grail.”

The two worlds don’t speak the same language, don’t use the same currency, and don’t operate on the same business models. To many, this is a major source of headaches. As engineers, we are driven by a passion for solving problems, so we relish this opportunity.

Our team shoulders an immense amount of the responsibility behind this unification, as we create the innovation and technology that ensures our company’s position as the market-leader in our industry.


We are taking steps to make this unification a reality by building products that are vastly improving the traditional television ecosystem.  The work our team is doing to drive this unification will change the way the advertising industry operates for generations to come. It’s exciting to know that as a FreeWheel engineer, no matter which features you work on, your efforts will be affecting millions of people and will improve their advertising experience. This is the essence of what motivates our team on a daily basis.

Check out our brief video above on this very topic to learn more! To watch the next video in this series, click here.

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