Engineers Week: Thriving Through Diversity

Xiaochan Zong Senior Data Engineer, FreeWheel

Happy National Engineers Week! We’ll be celebrating by showcasing FreeWheel’s engineering team through the lens of three topics: The Future of TVBig Data, and Diversity. Here’s our final installment of the 3-part series. 

I love making an impact on the TV ecosystem and get very excited about it each and every day.

But what really excites me most is the culture and the brilliant people on my team. It’s the fact that FreeWheel is a big family that really values people more than work, and that’s something that I really appreciate. We don’t just work to compete with each other, but instead, try to build each other up and help each other grow.


A big part of our culture and identity stems from the fact that we’re extremely diverse and made up of people with vastly different backgrounds. We have engineers from not just the U.S. but also China, Mexico, India, The Philippines, and many other countries across the world. I learn something new every day, and it’s invigorating.

Aside from learning about different cultures, what’s so cool about having people from different backgrounds is you get various perspectives and ways at looking at solving problems, which is what we do here on the engineering team. Diversity’s impact on the ability to problem-solve is often overlooked. But not here.

In the tech space, a big part of having a diverse team is gender-balance. FreeWheel is really an excellent place for women. Our CTO Diane Yu is an inspiration for not only the women at FreeWheel, but for anyone looking to succeed in tech. For female engineers – and all engineers, for that matter – the senior leadership sets aside their valuable time to help mentor us and ensure we continue to learn and develop.

Watch our short video above for a behind-the-scenes look at how our engineering team supports and encourages our company’s diversity plan. You can see the other two installments here: Driving the Future of TV & Using Big Data to Solve Big Challenges.

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