Engineers Week: Using Big Data to Solve Big Challenges

Bob Bress VP, Analytics & Business Intelligence, FreeWheel

Happy National Engineers Week! We’re celebrating by showcasing FreeWheel’s engineering team through the lens of three topics: The Future of TV, Big Data, and Diversity. Here’s our second installment of the 3-part series. 

One of the most exciting things about working at FreeWheel as an engineer is that you get to work on industry-leading products. The work we’re doing at FreeWheel – redefining television by bringing the best aspects of linear TV and digital TV together – is at the forefront of ad tech and the television industry.


And did I mention we get to play with the most dynamic set of big data that any media company really has exposure to?

We’re talking about petabytes of data coming in from all aspects of the business, which creates a dynamic environment for data scientists and engineers to develop solutions that impact millions of people around the world. We’re analyzing all types of data – ranging from viewership data, audience data, and advertisement data – to deliver better products and services to our clients. The wealth of data at our fingertips gives us the fuel to spark innovation—something that is exciting for data scientists and engineers who really like to tinker and find new ways to work with vast amounts of data.

With the backing of Comcast, FreeWheel has access to some of the most advanced technologies in cloud computing; big data platforms for data ingesting and warehousing; machine learning packages and resources; and third party data sources which all help us do our jobs in the most efficient way possible.

For building a career, this is exactly the environment that enables engineers to grow, learn and innovate. You can’t get this kind of experience in the classroom or through books. You have to have hands-on experience, and at FreeWheel we work hard to create an environment where knowledge and learnings are shared, and our tech teams can take time to build new skills. And that’s what makes FreeWheel a great place to put your creativity into production.

We hope you enjoy our video above, which has a look behind the scenes at how our engineers approach their roles and the opportunity of working with big data. To watch the next video in this series, click here.

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