FreeWheel Video Marketplace Report: Q2 2019

Download the FreeWheel Video Marketplace Report: Q2 2019!

One of the major themes of this quarter’s report is the role that industry partnerships and increased interoperability are playing in driving the scale, sophistication, simplicity and growth of premium video for both buyers and sellers.

A sample of the report’s key takeaways:

    • Ad completion rates on premium video remain extremely high, in the U.S. between 85% to 100% and in Europe between 80% to 96% across content formats for both pre-roll and mid-roll, showcasing the value of premium video to advertisers.


  • Video ad views continue to climb. In the U.S., growing 27% year-over-year, driven in a large part by connected TV (up 48%). In Europe, video ad views grew 24% year-over-year driven largely by set-top-box VOD (up 51%)


  • Audience targeted ad views grew 82% in the U.S. Although it’s coming from a small base, 7% of all ad views, the very large growth is an indication of advertisers’ demand for data-backed targeting solutions

Download the FreeWheel Video Marketplace Report: Q2 2019 for a complete look at all of our expert analyses and a deeper dive into the takeaways above.