VMR Q4 2019: Reaching Premium Video Audiences in a Hyper-Fragmented World

This is the golden age of TV for viewers. By marrying the immersive power of the big screen with digital targeting and measurement capabilities, we are also ushering in the golden age for TV advertisers. Addressable TV and programmatic TV ad spending will grow 5x by 2021. Brands across categories will be able to identify audiences at scale, deliver them ads, and measure on the back-end so they have a full-funnel of audience delivery.

TV may be fragmented, but emerging solutions will allow advertisers to target desired audiences at scale, no matter where, what, and when they are watching.

Download the Q4 2019 Video Marketplace Report for a complete look at the data and analyses that reveal the complexities of television’s ongoing evolution, including a look at shifting consumer behaviors and how both publishers and advertisers are adjusting their strategies to accommodate them.