FreeWheel Women in Tech: Spotlight on Diane Yu

Terra Mrkulic Social Media & Content Marketing Director

It’s a well-established fact across the tech industry that women co-founders are rare, even though studies show that companies with women in leadership positions perform better. Since Diane Yu co-founded FreeWheel in 2007, she has driven our technology and product division as CTO—taking our company from startup to industry leader. In the process, Diane was able to fulfill her dream of building and evolving a research and development hub in her native Beijing.

Today, FreeWheel’s tech organization is comprised of over 600 engineers and ops employees across the globe, approximately 30% of which are female engineers, reflecting Diane’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Having a woman CTO, “sets the tone,” as Huda Kazi, Senior Solutions Architect, shared in our first installment of the FreeWheel Women in Tech series. “What matters at FreeWheel is what you bring to the table, not what your gender is,” Huda continued. I couldn’t agree more– knowing that women across our organization can rise to every level of the company is a compelling reason why many choose to work at FreeWheel.

In 2017, Diane’s commitment to Comcast, now the parent company of FreeWheel, expanded to include oversight of technical operations of the Comcast Cable Advertising group, focused on unifying its television distribution, sales and advertising technology products and solutions.

Diane’s impact on the industry, however, goes well beyond the hallways of FreeWheel and Comcast. In October 2018, Diane was named one of Cablefax’s Most Influential Minorities. And on November 15, 2018, Diane will be honored as one of Cablefax’s Most Powerful Women of 2018 in recognition of her success in driving the evolution of the television ecosystem.

As a continuation of our Women in Tech video series, I sat down to interview Diane to learn more about what has inspired her career and why gender diversity in tech organizations is so important.

For those of you attending the Grace Hopper Celebration—the world’s largest gathering of women technologists—this week in Texas, make sure to connect with Diane at our booth and learn more about the many dynamic opportunities we have available at FreeWheel.