FreeWheel Women in Tech Video Series: A Culture of Inclusivity

Terra Mrkulic Social Media & Content Marketing Director

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, I had the unique opportunity to interview two dozen of my female peers in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, London, and Beijing. From senior leaders to women who are newer to our business, this talented cast of engineers, product experts, sales leaders, services pros and marketers are united in their passion for our company and the innovative role we play in powering the New TV Ecosystem.

Across all these conversations, a few key trends emerged:

Your Voice Matters

FreeWheel is a place where your voice is not only heard, it’s valued. Our business has complex problems to solve and innovations to build in order to drive positive outcomes for our global clients and partners. To achieve our continued success, we bring together the brightest minds that come from a kaleidoscope of backgrounds. The diversity of our teams is critical to reaching our goals, as we are able to incorporate multiple points of view to ensure a complete solution.

“FreeWheel is a great place for women to work because the culture is so open and inviting to different perspectives and different ways of doing things. Any woman should feel comfortable knowing that her voice is going to be heard as soon as she comes into the door.  We have so many different problems to solve for, that it’s not really relevant who the answer comes from.  We just need an answer.” – Tara Hines, Senior Director, Integrated Product Solutions

Opportunity Across the Organization and Beyond

A recent Accenture study on gender equality shows that women rise faster to positions of leadership in organizations that have women’s networks. As part of the Comcast organization, there are many opportunities for women at FreeWheel to network and learn from women in multiple parts of the business. For example, Comcast’s TECHWomen group is a forum for female technologists to connect across business groups, contribute to the broader strategy of our company, and inspire more innovative work. Women at FreeWheel are also invited to connect with peers at the Women’s Network at NBCU and many are sponsored to attend key industry events aimed at bringing women technologists together like the prestigious Grace Hopper Celebration, which will have 100 attendees from our company in attendance later this year.

 “At FreeWheel and across Comcast’s broader organization, we have inclusive spaces for women, where you can come talk about the things that are specific to you and what might be impacting your day-to-day. The women in our company have an opportunity to figure out what the next step in their career is, to find new opportunities, to have an environment where we can come talk to each other about the obstacles that are getting in our way. We have a strong support network of women in this organization.” – Huda Kazi, Senior Solutions Architect

The People, The People, The People

When asked what makes FreeWheel a compelling place to work, by far the most common response was: the people. We are proud to have built an organization of not just talented people, but fun, quirky, caring, and supportive men and women as well. Individuals go above and beyond to mentor and help one another grow and learn in their career, and also take time out of their personal lives to work together in support of our local communities through a number of charitable initiatives.

 “I know that for me personally the friendships that I have here, the community that is established here with both my colleagues and my mentors, it’s fantastic. I feel empowered. I feel excited to come to work every day. I feel happy knowing that I have a core group of individuals here that are supportive and uplifting and will help me achieve my goals, whether it’s personal or career based.” – Jennifer Jones, Scrum Master

It’s clear to us that businesses that don’t actively recruit and retain female talent are missing a huge opportunity. As Dave Clark, Executive Vice President & General Manager, FreeWheel, points out, “It is important for all leaders and managers in business today to advocate for gender diversity in the workplace. There’s a practical reason for it. We’re in a very competitive business. If we’re not putting the best team on the court every single day, if we’re not making sure that we have the best talent in all of our key positions, we’re not going to succeed and we’re not going to win.”

Here’s the first in a video series telling the stories of the women at FreeWheel and why they think our company is the perfect destination for women in tech:

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