Fully Operational and Here for Our Clients

David Clark General Manager

First and foremost, I want to personally thank our clients for partnering with us during this unprecedented period.  We are all managing an array of personal and business challenges, and you have my assurance that FreeWheel is doing everything in our ability to help our clients through these uncertain times.

One thing that is certain is FreeWheel’s ability to ensure uninterrupted delivery across our full suite of products and services. Our continuity plan incorporates tested models for adapting to worldwide threats including pandemics.

Our 24×7 operating model which leverages service operations in five geographically distributed countries with seven operating locations across APAC, EMEA, and the Americas.

In short, Freewheel can ensure the following for our clients:

  1. We have transitioned to a remote working model across all FreeWheel offices and remain fully operational.
  2. We operate across regions and adjacent teams can pick up impacted work.
  3. Our systems can be supported remotely.
  4. Our infrastructure is redundant and distributed.
  5. We will continue to closely monitor guidance from the WHO and CDC.

Beyond our operational capabilities, we understand that this can be a confusing time for our clients as the advertising landscape shifts beneath our feet. We’re here to help. We are monitoring the impact on our industry closely and are ready to provide guidance and expertise to our clients on how to revise planned strategies to accommodate the changing television ecosystem.

Finally, I would like to add that I am immensely proud of how quickly the global FreeWheel community adapted to a remote working model over the past few weeks, and in some cases, over the past few months. Their seamless commitment to our clients and our business has been commendable, despite the trying times that we are all facing as events continue to unfold.

If you have any questions on our business continuity planning or pandemic response, please reach out to your account representative or with questions.