Multiscreen users think mobile first. So does

Terra Mrkulic Social Media & Content Marketing Director

Catch the viewer if you can…

Digital users are now more commonly known as multiscreen users. According to a recent study from Millard Brown, time spent on video viewing and other web browsing activities is unevenly split among mobile, desktop and TV. Unsurprisingly, mobile is the winning screen with 52% of the daily screen share. Desktop and TV cross the finish line a bit behind (21% for desktop and 27% for TV). With mobile largely driving online video consumption growth worldwide (35% growth forecast for mobile devices in 2016 vs 6.5% for non-mobile devices), premium publishers clearly need a solution that enables them to monetize users across multiple screens to stay in the race.

“Mobile is everything”

Next week in Barcelona, hot mobile topics will relocate at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Without a doubt, people will also be talking about the need to think multiscreen, not just mobile only. Mobile is a very important part of any multiscreen strategy, especially considering its popularity. With the increasing ad spend and inventory volume on mobile, will put a strong focus on mobile this year to ensure publishers can monetize users across multiple screens. Mobile is part and parcel of’s multiscreen solution, that is why, next week, there is no other place the team would rather be than at the MWC.

Let’s mobilize

Leveraging’s multiscreen solution, publishers can easily build, run and operate their own video private exchange on mobile. Server to server technology will enable real-time competition among all buyers – invited to the private exchange – through a single auction. Onboarding of mobile web and in-app supply into the private exchange is made easy through’s proprietary integration tools- in-app SDKs or JS VPAID/VAST tags. The most popular ad units such as mobile video pre-roll, interstitial, and in-text can be monetized.’s platform enables transparent access to key data such as device ID (IDFA, Android ID), location or audience data, which guarantees fair monetization and also drives more liquidity within the private exchange. This outperforms any waterfall set up. Premium publishers can still prioritize their top buyers if they wish, without experiencing the known flaws of the waterfall – latency, breakage, and no competition.

Next is cross-screen measurement

Through this mobile focus, we reiterate our strong commitment to help publishers embrace programmatic video across web, mobile and IPTV. Our premium-oriented platform indeed ensures buyers will find mobile video supply that scores high in terms of VTR and viewability rate. In the context of the ad block rise, this is a must-have. Successful cross-device measurement tools will help truly scale mobile video monetization in order to follow the multiscreen users and understand how they are consuming the content. Industry bodies such as MRCstarted tackling the issue and the IAB delivered a webinar on the matter in October 2015.

Mobile-ready, Mobile-happy

So far, so good. Supply and demand partners transacting within the 130+ private exchanges powered by have shown a great interest for those new mobile business opportunities. An ever-increasing portion of’s premium publishers – such as TF1, Webedia, M6, Viewster, La Place Media…- have been plugging their mobile inventory (web and in-app) into their private exchanges. And we start seeing good traction on the demand side as well, with more than 70% of mobile-ready DSPs partners bidding on this inventory.

Come talk mobile in Barcelona next week with the team and see how our platform can change the way you think of multiscreen video monetization!