The Future of TV is Unified: Takeaways from the FreeWheel 2018 U.S. Client Summit

Mark McKee General Manager

FreeWheel’s annual U.S. Client Summit serves as a foundational event that brings together a diverse set of valued clients from all corners of the advertising ecosystem. The event provides a forum in which leaders discuss the current state of the industry, the future we are building, and how FreeWheel can best partner with the entire TV ecosystem to achieve the ultimate goal: results for marketers. The full-day event offers a unique setting in which ideas are ignited and solutions are discovered through the content shared and in the conversations that follow.

The theme of this year’s summit, The Future of TV is Unified, embodies the enormous changes we are undergoing as a result of the industry’s rapid convergence of screens, data, sales channels, and buy types. While there’s significant opportunity ahead and a simplified future is in reach, it’s abundantly clear that challenges and complexities remain.

For the first time ever, FreeWheel brought together thought leaders, media luminaries, and industry experts from both our Publishers and Markets businesses – reflecting our approach to the market: advertising technology solutions can work to align the goals of the supply and demand side, and ensure that the entire TV ecosystem is thriving. Today, the industry currently sits at a crossroads and the best way forward is the path we take together as we reinforce TV’s position in the marketplace as the platform of choice for brands and marketers.

We repeatedly hear that what makes FreeWheel’s Client Summits so special and valuable to our clients (and us!) is the opportunity to connect with peers from a diverse set of companies, who share the challenges and solutions that they experience from various sides of the business. In an era defined by accretive partnerships and alliances between companies collaborating to drive solutions unachievable on their own, these connections are more critical than ever before. Broader success will be achieved by teaming up to drive innovation and advancement–  and in doing so, we build a better world for marketers by reducing friction through ease of transaction, increased standardization of data and measurement, more effectively validating the impact of TV, and moving to a more results-centric model.

The next year brings even greater opportunity as, together, we drive the industry forward. FreeWheel’s position at the center of the New TV Ecosystem allows us to provide clients and partners with the unparalleled insights and guidance that fuel a deeper understanding of market trends alongside the technology required to succeed in an ever-changing marketplace. Coupled with our white-gloved service, we are architected to anticipate the needs of the industry. Our team is laser-focused on redefining the future of TV as the lines between linear and digital continue to blur.

Thank you to all of the attendees who joined us for an informative and memorable day, and to all of the speakers and panelists who led lively discussions. It was a privilege to host, learn from, and collectively align on what’s required to take our industry to new heights.

FreeWheel U.S. Client Summit 2018 from FreeWheel, A Comcast Company on Vimeo.