The state of the European addressable TV landscape

TV is already a powerful platform for advertisers due to its unparalleled ability to reach audiences.

Now, TV looks to have a new superpower in the form of addressability – giving precision aim to its formidable reach. But how does addressable TV work in practice? And what are the obstacles and the drivers to its take-up across Europe?

In the first episode of a new video series on addressable TV, Thomas Bremond, General Manager, International at FreeWheel speaks to Katty Roberfroid, Director General at EGTA, to explore the challenges and opportunities in key European markets. They tackle topics including market fragmentation, measurement, and technology, and look at how addressable can overcome these obstacles to progress in the region. Check out brand new egta insights about addressable TV:

Thomas and Katty also delve into the advantages of addressable TV for advertisers large and small, exploring how each strength of addressability contributes to its superpower status.