Three Ways Clients Benefit from the FreeWheel Academy

Vincent Nasso Director, Knowledge Management & Training

FreeWheel has created a powerful training program to help our clients understand how to become a FreeWheel technology expert.

In addition to live sessions, we offer online training classes, focused on hands-on application experiences. Our training is based on our clients’ business needs from sales planning to finance.

Here’s how our clients benefit:

  1. Accelerate Understanding of FreeWheel’s Technology

So far, we have launched hands-on Monetization Rights Management (MRM) classroom training for all premium publisher clients. During classroom sessions, a Senior Training Associate leads client training on our platform and follows up with helpful tools and guidance so every question gets an answer. The trainer understands the complexities of digital advertising along with the challenges facing our clients.

The current curriculum starts with 100-level courses introducing users to FreeWheel’s technology and reviewing basic terms and concepts. We then continue with hands-on learning labs for campaign creation and creative trafficking. The afternoon of the second day is all about analysis and reporting.  Day three includes partner management and network design.

Keeping the sessions interactive and engaging is one of our key success criteria. Our MRM training environment provides a safe place (“no judgment zone”) to practice and ensure knowledge is retained and applicable to our clients’ day-to-day operations.

  1. Become an MRM Expert via Courses Tailored to You

We defined six core user profile types to help us craft a role-based and personalized curriculum, tailored exactly to the way clients interface with our technology.

This approach helps us capture the essence of core responsibilities within these six roles. For instance, media planners are present for the entire sales and planning function, partnering with advertisers to define the parameters of any advertising deal. Campaign traffickers are the technical experts who manage everything from campaign activation and performance monitoring to creative management.

This set-up is making its way into all our technical documentation as well. We’re working to align classroom training and technical documentation into one cohesive and personalized learning environment.

  1. Keep Learning in the FreeWheel Academy Hub

A new FreeWheel Academy Hub has been created as a centralized resource for our audience to both register for upcoming training and to browse through and utilize our materials.  We encourage you to discover a growing library of training materials filled with course handbooks, training decks, recordings, and classroom agendas.

What’s next for the Academy?

We are continuing to expand the course curriculum with topics on Advanced Forecasting, MRM Administration, and Advanced Campaign Troubleshooting. We’ve also recognized the need to accommodate remote attendees and those who are not able to attend the in-person sessions, so we’ve launched a series of broadcast webinars that any number of learners can register for. In addition, short product recordings and online tutorials are currently in development that users can experience as-needed.

 Reach out to us anytime to share your thoughts, or to find out more about the program at