Mike McHugh

SVP, Media eBusiness, FreeWheel Advertisers

Mike has spent more than 30 years working as a broadcaster or working alongside broadcasters – in news, sales and marketing, or operations. He knows many of the challenges broadcasters face from his firsthand experience in TV and Radio Stations in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Terre Haute and Bluefield, WV, before joining Strata (now FreeWheel Advertisers) in 2003. In his role at FreeWheel Advertisers, Mike is responsible for all broadcast sales platforms, as well as the popular electronic delivery platforms, ePort and AEInbox, and industry-leading electronic invoicing solutions,, and Those platforms serve as the backbone of the media marketplace, supporting more than $25 Billion of media spend annually. Mike is a native of Philadelphia, PA. Today, he resides in Arlington Heights, Illinois and insists his proudest accomplishments are his wife and five children.