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Media, Data and Content Converge Here

Media, Data and Content Converge Here

With premium inventory across linear and digital channels as well as data that enables precision level targeting, our unified TV solutions strategically connect brands to audiences.

How A Commitment to Trust Earned Us Straight A's

Pixalate, a global ad fraud intelligence and marketing compliance platform, recently announced the results of its first-ever Connected TV/OTT Seller Trust Index (CSTI), a ranking on the overall quality of programmatic sellers across Roku, Amazon, and Samsung. FreeWheel was the only supplier to earn an “A” grade on all three Connected TV (CTV) platforms.

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How A Commitment to Trust Earned Us Straight A's

Custom Media Solutions

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Advertising That's Purpose-Built for You

Build and deploy custom solutions to capture audience attention across every screen. Deliver measurable results that align with your strategy across any execution path.

FreeWheel Drive

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Move Your Media Plan Forward

DRIVE by FreeWheel Media gives marketers total control with advanced planning, targeting, and measurement solutions to reach audiences across every screen. Agile and data-optimized, FreeWheel DRIVE provides scale, quality, and insights to deliver peak performance.

Customer Testimonials


The Challenge

Shutterfly was looking for a simpler way to buy incremental linear TV at scale with the goal of extending reach beyond their net-direct investments.

Our Solution

FreeWheel built an aggregated linear TV plan based on Comcast viewership data designed to reach Shutterfly’s audience with minimal waste.

The Results

FreeWheel acted as a crucial reach vehicle in Shutterfly's media mix, delivering efficient incremental impressions. The campaign was planned and went live in less than a week (over a holiday break, no less) and delivered the full budget in a tight 13-day window.

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primetime impressions delivered

delivered in media value

In Their Own Words

"FreeWheel was one of the most impactful investments we made this quarter."