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Did you miss the FreeWheel Connects virtual event? Now, Next & Beyond 2021

The Year of Accelerated Change

As we move into the final quarter of 2020 and look ahead to 2021, there are significant learnings we can glean from the first half of the year. The newest installment of FreeWheel’s U.S. Video Marketplace Report is here and focuses on how the turbulence of this year affected consumer behavior and accelerated trends across the industry.

Download the U.S. H1 2020 Video Marketplace Report for a complete look at the data and analyses that reveal the complexities of television’s ongoing evolution, including a look at how the pandemic disrupted media and marketing, TV included, but also how advertisers continue to take advantage of premium TV’s targeting capabilities and immersive experience.

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The Year of Accelerated Change

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Massimo de Magistris
VP, Head of Freewheel Markets International.

FreeWheel launches DRIVE in the UK to provide cohesive advertising solution for the new TV ecosystem

In 2019, FreeWheel is expanding its DRIVE offering internationally. This media solution aims to bring innovative solutions to marketers to…

Bob Bress
VP, Analytics & Business Intelligence, FreeWheel

Engineers Week: Using Big Data to Solve Big Challenges

Happy National Engineers Week! We’re celebrating by showcasing FreeWheel’s engineering team through the lens of three topics: The Future of TV,…

Xiaochan Zong
Senior Data Engineer, FreeWheel

Engineers Week: Thriving Through Diversity

Happy National Engineers Week! We’ll be celebrating by showcasing FreeWheel’s engineering team through the lens of three topics: The Future of…

Yushi Xu
Principal Software Engineer, FreeWheel

Engineers Week: Driving the Future of TV

Happy National Engineers Week! We are celebrating by showcasing FreeWheel’s engineering team through the lens of three topics: The Future…

Vincent Nasso
Director, Knowledge Management & Training

Three Ways Clients Benefit from the FreeWheel Academy

FreeWheel has created a powerful training program to help our clients understand how to become a FreeWheel technology expert. In…

Brian Wallach
Senior VP, Advanced TV Media Sales, FreeWheel

Premium Video Meets Programmatic: Three Takeaways from AdMonsters Ops

First thing’s first: I love the candor of AdMonsters conferences; nothing to be gained by blowing smoke up each other’s…

Chris Glover
VP, Marketing & Business Strategy, FreeWheel

Three Crucial Questions for Addressing Brand Safety

Have you scrolled through Twitter, read your favorite industry trade, or dug into your morning news check recently? Then you…

Terra Mrkulic
Social Media & Content Marketing Director

Over-the-Top Devices: Where We Are and Where We’re Headed

In the FreeWheel Video Monetization Report: Q4 2016 (VMR) we observed first-hand the tremendous growth of over-the-top (OTT) devices over the past…


FreeWheel Hackathon 2016: Unleashing the Beasts of Innovation

We recently completed FreeWheel’s Second Annual Global Hackathon: a 24-hour marathon during which our people transcend geo and departmental borders…

Ben Pelcyger
Director, Business Analytics

Three Lessons Learned from the NBCU Hackathon

Advengers assemble! With a team of FreeWheelers from around the globe, I recently competed at the NBCU Hackathon on a whirlwind trip…