The Strata platform offers comprehensive tools and capabilities for every step of the campaign workflow, from pre-buy through execution. It enables cross-media campaign planning, activation, optimization, and financial management, all in one system. It does this by combining a data-centric and single-hosted platform, an open integration model, and applied automation.


Strata is modular, globally scalable, and locally tailored, enabling marketers to build an all-inclusive solution that works seamlessly with existing in-house systems. As part of the FreeWheel product suite, it also offers exclusive marketplace connections to premium video inventory and rich data.

Strata enables buyers and sellers to communicate directly through the platform, driving efficiency and improving accuracy across the entire campaign workflow.

Our solutions enable you to connect your attribution tool directly to the Strata database and utilize cleaner, more accessible data.

Our industry-leading partners provide options to drive more control, automation, efficiency, and access to premium supply like OTT and podcasting.

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Financial Bridge creates a seamless integration between an agency’s media and finance systems, and an API connection ensures accurate media billing and payment information.

Advanced reporting and visualization tools are integrated directly into the workflow to increase accountability and reduce the burden of spreadsheet reports.


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