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FreeWheel U.S. Video Marketplace Report

H1 2021

As 2021 unfolds, the world is charting a path forward with the lessons of 2020 solidly in mind. In addition to the pandemic, advances in technology and political turbulence contributed to disrupting and reshaping how consumers access, consume and respond to entertainment and information.

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FreeWheel U.S. Video Marketplace Report

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Rick Mandler
VP, Growth Strategy, Comcast Advertising

Preventing the Perils of Programmatic for Premium Video

Why the waste and safety issues plaguing digital media don’t have to be the future of CTV When talking about…

Al Behmoiras
Account Director, Sales

Reaching Voters in a Cross-Screen World

Three Political Buyers Share Their Perspectives Political advertisers today face many challenges as they work to reach targeted audiences who…

Ari Paparo
VP, Partnerships and Strategy

FreeWheel Launches New Digital Innovation Video Series: Innovators

Highlighting Companies Driving TV Industry’s Transformation TV has come a long way from the black and white box in your…

Emmanuel Josserand
Brand, Agency and Industry Relations

FreeWheel MediaTalks Podcast – Episode #1

How can the media industry harness the full potential of CTV, programmatic, and premium video?   Nowhere is the media…

Misha Williams
VP, Client Services

Live Sports: The Power of the Live Audience for Brands

When it comes to engagement and reach, there’s nothing like live sports. Sports fans are among the most loyal of…

FreeWheel Council
for Premium Video

Belonging: Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matter

Diversity equity and inclusion are such popular topics of business discussion and actions that they are frequently simply referred to…

James Rothwell
VP, Marketing, Comcast Advertising

The Path to Cross-Screen Measurement

Introduction Cross-screen measurement is vital for advertisers to understand the impact of their campaigns, but it poses many obstacles. True…

Cadi Jones
Commercial Director, EMEA, Beeswax

TV – Whether Streaming or Linear – is Your Best Bet for Engaging the Post-Pandemic Consumer

The time has never been better to reach consumers via TV. Streaming media spiked during the pandemic, with more consumers…

Geoff Wolinetz
Vice President of Client Relationships

2022 Upfront Views from Around the Ecosystem

It is an Upfronts year like no other. As TV viewing continues to shift and increase across devices, and the…

David Clark
General Manager

Getting to know FreeWheel’s new CTO, Yuling Ma

Earlier this year, we were delighted to announce that we have appointed Yuling Ma as our new Chief Technology Officer….

Virginie Dremeaux
Executive Director, Product and Sales Marketing International

Across Europe, TV viewing is already a connected experience

We live in a connected world, where reliance on smart devices grows every day. By 2023 internet access will reach almost two-thirds of the globe, according to Cisco’s Annual Internet…

FreeWheel Advisory Services

FreeWheel Video Marketplace Report: Inside France’s Evolving Premium Video Industry

For the past 10 years, FreeWheel has analyzed the US and European premium video marketplaces, drawing on one of the…