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Data Plus Math and FreeWheel Partner to Offer Industry’s First Cross-screen Media Solution Optimized on Attribution

February 14, 2019
  • Insights from Comcast viewership data enable national linear TV measurement; completes full-funnel view across TV, Digital Video and Over-the-Top Video
  • Automation reduces time for holistic attribution reporting; continuous feeds throughout campaign allow for in-flight optimization


BOSTON, MA, – Data Plus Math, a leader in television attribution, ROI and conversion metrics, today announced a strategic partnership with FreeWheel, A Comcast Company (Nasdaq: CMCSA), to offer the first cross-screen TV/video media solution optimized on attribution. The solution will be available to companies who purchase streaming video and linear TV advertising through FreeWheel Markets.

This cross-screen video attribution solution can be used by FreeWheel Markets’ clients in a variety of ways, including to better determine the optimal mix of TV and video channels to drive outcomes.  Clients can also use the solution to measure the incremental impact from their linear TV campaigns, and/or their Over-the-Top (OTT) campaigns, on overall marketing outcomes.

“The ability to accurately assess outcomes from television and streaming video advertising campaigns is a critical component in video’s evolution as a full-funnel solution,” said FreeWheel General Manager Dave Clark. “Through our work with Data Plus Math, we’ll be able to help individual advertisers drive better results from their TV and video campaigns. Just as importantly, however, we’ll be able to establish industry benchmarks for performance that will help set the course for a new way of transacting, perhaps even new currencies, in the future.”

Through the partnership, Data Plus Math will provide analytics reporting, via direct access to its platform’s dashboard, to FreeWheel’s clients. FreeWheel Markets’ clients will be able to monitor their campaign performance for outcomes such as store and website visits, with the potential to optimize their schedules mid- or post-campaign, across national and local TV and streaming video, including OTT.

Currently, due to the time required to measure results, most TV attribution reporting is only available after a campaign has run. By automating the process, Data Plus Math can deliver attribution measurement within days to weeks from the start of the campaign, depending on the scope of the campaign, and then provide continuous updates through the remainder of the campaign schedule.

“Automation changes the TV measurement conversation from ‘Did it work,’ to ‘Is it working,’” added Clark. “The ability to course correct during a campaign is a huge benefit to advertisers.”

Additionally, Data Plus Math will utilize the anonymized Comcast viewership data to build reports for advertisers that can deliver metrics such as commercial impressions, commercial reach, average frequency, lift and conversion probability, and Conversion Per Thousand Impressions, a proprietary metric developed by Data Plus Math that attributes incremental conversion of sales to commercial impressions delivered in a campaign.

“FreeWheel is a leader in innovating how advertisers connect with consumers across a range of both linear TV and streaming platforms – ranging from OTT to VOD to digital video,” said John Hoctor, CEO of Data Plus Math. “The opportunity to bring our leading attribution analytics and proprietary metrics to their clients is a milestone moment for us as we look to transform how television and video advertising is measured and assessed.”

About Data Plus Math

Data Plus Math is a media measurement company that helps connect advertising exposures to real-world outcomes. Powered by millions of households of cross-screen viewing data, the company’s TV and Video attribution platform is used by cable operators, national programming networks, agencies and marketers to measure which components of their advertising campaigns are driving results. Data Plus Math’s investors include Comcast Ventures and Greycroft Partners and the company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

About FreeWheel

FreeWheel, A Comcast Company, empowers all segments of The New TV Ecosystem. We are structured to provide the full breadth of solutions the advertising industry needs to achieve their goals. We power the technology, data enablement, and convergent marketplaces required to ensure buyers and sellers can transact across all screens, across all data types, and all sales channels, in order to ensure the ultimate goal – results for marketers.

With offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Paris, Beijing, and across the globe, FreeWheel, A Comcast Company, stands to advocate for the entire industry through the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video. For more information, please visit, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.