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FreeWheel to Launch Enhanced YouTube and YouTube TV Integration

April 25, 2022

FreeWheel today announced that it will introduce a new set of enhanced ad serving offerings on YouTube and YouTube TV. Building on FreeWheel’s longstanding integration, the improved set of features will allow its customers to maximize performance when managing their advertising on YouTube and YouTube TV.

The move underscores both companies’ commitments to further simplify the television and video advertising ecosystem in response to clients’ needs – in this case, through simple, interoperable, automated video ad insertion.

“At FreeWheel, we’re continually looking for ways to improve and advance the television ecosystem,” said Mark McKee, General Manager, FreeWheel. “Many of our programmer clients rely on YouTube and YouTube TV to engage with their audiences, and so working with their core technology partner to monetize their inventory in these environments is critical.”

With these enhanced offerings, FreeWheel is improving and simplifying customer workflows between the two different ad serving systems. Additionally, programmers will have access to cross-platform buys and deliveries, while deriving greater workflow efficiency and ease of use.

Some of the key enhancements include:

  • Improved segmenting capabilities to reach audiences with ads they might have interest in
  • Frequency capping to optimize and limit the number of times viewers are exposed to the same ad
  • Enhanced APIs for hosting ad creative to drive better efficiency

Maximizing television’s advertising’s performance is a crucial strategy as digital advertising evolves. Through enhancements like the optimization of ad frequency and targeting parameters, advertisers can more effectively spend their budgets while keeping their audience’s experience top of mind.

Beginning this month, FreeWheel’s customers will be able to access these enhanced features to manage their advertising on YouTube and YouTube TV.


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