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TF1 PUB Extends Partnership with FreeWheel to Support its Digital Acceleration Strategy

June 17, 2024

FreeWheel’s leading video monetization technology will be at the heart of TF1 PUB’s digital monetization strategy.

FreeWheel, the global technology platform for the premium video advertising industry, and TF1 PUB, France’s leading video advertising network, have announced an extension of their partnership in which FreeWheel will accompany TF1 Group on its transformative journey to becoming a global streaming platform, especially with the recent launch of TF1+. This latest announcement reflects TF1’s ambition to strengthen its monetization activities with the support of FreeWheel’s global platform and teams.

As part of this extended partnership, TF1 PUB will continue to leverage FreeWheel’s leading ad management platform. In addition, TF1 PUB will deploy FreeWheel’s brand-new suite of integrated tools to manage the new, highly complex, and fragmented streaming distribution landscape.

By providing unparalleled and centralized connections to the entire ecosystem, FreeWheel’s interoperable platform empowers TF1 PUB to unify and optimize decision-making across all global demand sources. By integrating direct, programmatic, marketplace demand, and third-party demand into FreeWheel’s technology, TF1 will achieve increased yield, transparency, and control over monetization while maintaining a premium viewer experience.

TF1 Group has intensified its digital strategy to adapt to new video consumption habits driven by the rise of streaming. By leveraging streaming opportunities, especially in targeted advertising, TF1 aims to enhance user experience and optimize ad revenue. The launch of the TF1+ platform exemplifies this approach, attracting 35 million streamers per month and solidifying TF1’s position in the video streaming market by strengthening its commercial partnership with Freewheel.

“We’re delighted to extend our partnership with TF1 for the foreseeable future. TF1’s trust and partnership reflect our position as the leading global technology platform for the advertising industry” said Thomas Bremond, SVP and Chief Revenue Officer, International, FreeWheel. “The partnership has already been key in developing the TF1+ platform, and we will continue to support TF1’s ambitions in the streaming market, using our expertise in the CTV space.”

“TF1 PUB is pleased to renew and expand its partnership with Freewheel” said Sylvia Tassan Toffola, General Manager TF1 PUB. “In line with its digital acceleration strategy, the TF1 Group is setting new goals for its streaming business and connected TV deployment. TF1 PUB will leverage FreeWheel’s expertise to strengthen the monetization of its digital inventory.”

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TF1 PUB, France’s leading multi-media advertising network, markets advertising space for the TF1 group’s channels (TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Séries Films, LCI, TV Breizh, Ushuaïa TV, HistoireTV) and for TF1+, France’s leading free streaming platform with over 35 million streamers every month. On the radio market, TF1 PUB markets space for Indés Radios, the leading commercial offer on this medium, as well as for numerous French overseas radio stations. For further information:


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