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Programmatic video is no longer just for incremental reach and targeting. It has become a fundamental building block of marketing campaigns to reach consumers more effectively. Increased efficiency, more accurate targeting, and automation add value every step of the way.

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Why Choose FreeWheel as Your Programmatic Partner?

FreeWheel’s position as the ad management platform for the vast majority of the premium video ecosystem provides advantages that no one else can match. With a complete view of the full end user experience, FreeWheel is able to unify ad decisioning, resulting in the most valuable placements for both buyers and sellers.



FreeWheel provides the control needed to optimize campaigns. As media spending on programmatic campaigns increases, integration within the ad decisioning technology connects advertisers with guaranteed audiences and inventory across CTV and OTT.



Campaigns that use FreeWheel technology deploy media dollars more efficiently. They provide a faster connection to inventory with less latency, better win rates on their bids, and no additional costs from intermediaries.



Similar to traditional linear campaigns, FreeWheel’s reporting provides the insights and visibility required to ensure compliance with brand guidelines and safety standards.

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