Strata Platform for Agencies

Simple. Open. Integrated. FreeWheel Strata is built to optimize the way you buy media.


With the Strata Platform, plan, activate, optimize, and manage billing and financials for all your campaigns across media types in one centralized location. Our single-hosted platform and open integration model means you can dynamically manage your media in the way that’s best for you.

Plan and buy
across media

  • Manage your entire media workflow from digital and TV to print, OOH, and radio
  • Track budgets, assess return on ad spend, and re-aggregate reach to find your brand’s target audience
  • Count on on-demand customer support throughout the process


  • Save time and eliminate friction by automating workflows from planning through reconciliation
  • Integrate with external systems and sellers to minimize unnecessary and manual tasks between systems
  • Take control of your media finances with solutions uniquely designed for agencies

Work with your preferred partners
and systems

  • Build your own buying ecosystem through our API-based integrations with supply, data, financial, and technology providers, as well as your in-house solutions
  • Integrate with solution providers at key phases of the campaign management process
  • Optimize your media decisions by accessing on-demand premium inventory

Drive performance
with deep insights
and analytics

  • Integrate your data through our system and activate it for your clients’ campaigns, with full, open access through the Strata system
  • Use audience data and historical performance to optimize your media decisions across all inventory providers
  • Get customized reporting and measurement across all campaigns