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TV Connected

The way we connect with TV has changed. How we watch it, where we watch it, what ads we see, and how those ads are bought and sold have all evolved. Premium Video Publishers need to manage, augment and monetize their supply. Media buyers need direct access to premium video inventory, so that they can reach their target audience efficiently and at massive scale. The ecosystem needs a connection layer to bring together buyers and sellers with transparency, flexibility and efficiency.

Why Choose FreeWheel?

Why Choose FreeWheel?

FreeWheel is the technology company that improves how television advertising works for buyers and sellers. We create value for sellers by directly connecting them to new demand sources, counteracting audience fragmentation, and enabling them to make smarter sales decisions by unifying multiple data sources. For buyers, we simplify the media supply chain so buyers can plan better, buy smarter, and reach their target audiences more efficiently at scale against the premium content that only TV can provide.


With our unique supply side position, FreeWheel directly connects buyers and sellers and works to remove the barriers that impede how they can transact at scale.


FreeWheel's technology is designed to enable buyers and sellers to understand each other’s desired outcomes so that buyers can better secure their target audiences and sellers can maximize the full value for their audiences.


Direct connections are better connections: FreeWheel eliminates intermediaries from transactions that introduce potential tech issues and remove value for buyers and sellers.