FreeWheel Innovators


TV has come a long way from the black and white box in your living room. From the way it’s delivered, to where, when, and how we consume it, TV has transformed. With this evolution have come opportunities and challenges for advertisers and publishers. The explosion of data and screens has created the opportunity and need for innovation across the media landscape, in order to improve the way advertisers reach audiences and publishers distribute content. FreeWheel’s Innovators series showcases the brands, agencies, and publishers who are driving this innovation – implementing new technology and marketing strategies to improve the TV viewing experience for everyone – buyers, sellers, and viewers. These are the Innovators…

MNTN & NBCUniversal

In the newest episode of FreeWheel Innovators, we hear from Nicole Alfonso, Associate Director of TV Inventory Operations at MNTN & Brendan Garrone, Vice President of Programmatic Sales & Partnerships at NBCUniversal. The two discuss how through their partnerships with FreeWheel, MNTN clients, many who are advertising on TV for the first time, can gain access to premium inventory at scale, while NBCUniversal is able to access new sources of demand. Learn more about the advertiser’s success on here.


In this episode of FreeWheel Innovators, we hear from Rick Greenberg, CEO and Kevin Cahn, Video Center of Excellence and Media Planning Lead at Kepler as they discuss the importance of using technology and data to bring a brand closer to consumers. Rick and Kevin highlight how Kepler utilizes a consistent and holistic data driven strategy to give their marketers an advantage.


In this episode of FreeWheel Innovators, we hear from Josh Abneri the Associate Director of Addressable Strategy at Matterkind, discuss how the agency has pioneered the concept of Conscious Marketing. Josh details how Matterkind utilizes data in the right way so that advertisers can find their audience across the fragmented video landscape, in a way that also protects viewers’ data.


This episode of FreeWheel Innovators highlights BrkThru, a full-service agency. BrkThru’s founders came from the programmatic agency world and wanted to go beyond simply eliminating the typical obstacles to running campaigns. BrkThru’s commitment to client service met its greatest challenge in 2020. BrkThru’s VP of Media Services, Tom Leone, discusses how the agency turned the challenges of the pandemic into an opportunity for its customers by developing in-depth media trend reports and helping accelerate their customers’ moves to a digital-first strategy.


This year at Cannes, many of the industry’s leaders across advertisers, agencies, publishers and tech partners visited FreeWheel Beach. While they were there, we had the opportunity to catch up with a handful of them to talk about trends in the industry, innovation in premium video advertising, and what’s needed to turn on the future. Here’s what they said…