An Interoperable TV Ecosystem is the Only Way Forward

By: David Dworin, Chief Product Officer, FreeWheel

Collaboration and Interoperability

The TV ecosystem is currently undergoing unprecedented innovation. Premium video content spans more platforms and screens than ever, empowering audiences to watch their favorite shows in whichever ways best complement viewing habits and budgets. Meanwhile, advancements in ad tech have taken converged TV advertising to new heights.

TV has become the full package: the premier medium for achieving reach and brand awareness that it’s been for decades, now armed with enhanced data-driven capabilities that are allowing advertisers to drive full-funnel goals.

For all these reasons, I believe there’s never been a more exciting time to work in this business than right now, and it’s exciting to have a front-row seat to the ecosystem’s ongoing evolution at FreeWheel. But to truly push the envelope further and reach the goals we collectively want as an industry, we cannot stop where we are.

Instead, we need to break down the traditional silos of technology, demand sources, and partnerships to firmly establish a more open, interoperable ecosystem. A genuine commitment to innovation and interoperability across the industry is the only way to ensure the converged TV space becomes even more seamless, efficient, and ultimately, more effective for all sides of the advertising trade.

At FreeWheel, interoperability is not just an industry talking point; it’s baked in our DNA.

Simply, we believe in being an open platform. We have built the technology that our dynamic, cross-platform business needs to thrive, giving us a strong vantage point as an ecosystem connector that is driving interoperability across premium video partners. Our unique position allows us to make sure the premium value of converged TV content is reflected by an equally premium ad pod.

Unparalleled Connections

And we don’t just talk the talk, we have walked the walk. Over the years, FreeWheel has partnered with a myriad of measurement partners to ensure cross-currency transactions, integrated with an industry-leading number of DSPs to best meet our clients’ needs, and we’ve put technology in place for publishers to directly trade inventory with each other by leveraging data and automation. And, as of late, we have pushed into a new frontier. By enabling integrations with SSPs such as (but not limited to) Xandr, Pubmatic, Unruly, and Index Exchange, FreeWheel is powering our publishers’ strategies by providing unparalleled connections to their demand partners, while remaining their engine that makes one, unified, and agnostic decision to holistically manage monetization.

Trust and Partnership

And we aren’t stopping there. Now more than ever, we need to make sure sellers’ inventory is represented and monetized accurately, just as buyers deserve to have confidence in ad delivery and results, and consumers need a quality viewing experience across all platforms. The industry has come too far for egos or inaction to prevent mutual trust and partnership from being at the forefront of the buying and selling process. Converged TV advertising reaching its full potential is dependent on interoperability. FreeWheel intends to lead the way.