FreeWheel Media Pillars: Measurement, Transparency, and Flexibility

At FreeWheel Media, we pride ourselves in having a deep understanding of advertisers’ needs and providing thoughtful, ever-evolving processes to meet these needs. In particular, advertising executives have consistently expressed industry-wide desires for better outcome-based measurement, campaign transparency, and flexibility and partnership, all of which are core to our operating principles.

Outcome-Based Measurement

We know adequate measurement is a top priority for advertisers and agencies, and a lack of it is one of their biggest pain points.1 At FreeWheel Media, we understand the importance of comprehensive measurement, and we’ve been heavily investing in a full suite of measurement solutions such as incremental reach reports, attribution, and brand lift measurement. Our reports measure results across all video platforms, including connected TV (CTV), over-the-top (OTT), digital (managed service), and linear. They are also informed by viewership data from Comcast, the largest multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) in the U.S.

Since we introduced incremental reach reports in 2019, we’ve produced dozens of them for customers across most major verticals. For many, these reports can be essential to understanding campaign performance. One financial services brand had a national linear campaign and wanted to reach beyond its core group of TV viewers it had already been reaching with high frequency. FreeWheel Media developed an aggregated linear TV plan that focused on networks where the brand didn’t already have direct deals, reaching in-audience incremental viewers. The incremental reach report proved the campaign’s success, showing that 35% of impressions delivered by FreeWheel Media were incremental to the national linear campaign.


In addition to measurement and results transparency, FreeWheel Media is dedicated to offering unsurpassed transparency into each campaign. Advertisers that work with us always know where their ads are running, with breakdowns to the impression-by-network level. And post-campaign analyses come with detailed reporting at the designated market area (DMA) level, with hourly breakdowns for digital campaigns and daypart information for linear campaigns. These reports also include information about impression delivery, station, program, ad unit, creative, device, and more.

Flexibility and Partnership

Perhaps most importantly, FreeWheel Media acts as a trusted partner in video campaigns and offers great flexibility to media buyers. In fact, FreeWheel Media is considered among the safest video vendors, according to Pixelate. We also have a large pool of aggregated premium supply, safely delivered via our industry-leading technology. FreeWheel Media acts as a one-stop shop for premium video, offering inventory across CTV, OTT, digital, and traditional linear comprised of national cable, national broadcast/unwired, and local broadcast.

FreeWheel Media has also been creative with deal terms, and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have further expanded our flexibility in order to best serve the evolving needs of our customers. We reinforce business practices and proactively communicate to clients that options are available.

One video game company learned just how flexible we are when it came to us in a pinch. The company approached us at 6 p.m. on a Friday hoping to go live the next day, with the goal of delivering a heavy volume of CTV impressions during a weekend promotional campaign. We jumped into action and launched the campaign within a few hours, following it up with constant monitoring to make sure it delivered in full. By the end of the weekend, the campaign actually exceeded the client’s expectations and significantly outperformed the other CTV vendors the client bought. In just three days, we delivered 80 million impressions, more than three times that of the other vendors. Additionally, 97% of impressions were delivered in valuable mid-roll pods, and the campaign achieved an average ad completion rate of 97.5%.

Throughout FreeWheel Media’s history, we have strived to meet the needs of our clients and exceed their expectations. By employing transparency in campaigns and results, unparalleled flexibility in working with clients, and a suite of measurement and attribution solutions, we’re always ready to help clients excel.

[1] eMarketer, October 2019.