Buying (or Selling) Premium Video? Follow this Checklist for Success

In a world of digital platforms, modern marketers often face the fear that their advertising will be subject to unwanted practices or placements, from serving ads on unverified third-party sites to reaching undesired, unqualified audiences.

Now more than ever, advertisers want assurance that their money and efforts are in good hands, particularly when it comes to their investments in video advertising. In fact, the environment in which these efforts operate should be better than good – it should be premium.

In a recent report, Comcast Advertising redefines premium video as “content delivered transparently, in a trusted brand-safe environment, seen by real people within a high-quality viewing experience.” Research from the report indicates that this type of premium video content leads to better brand building with audiences when compared to non-premium video content.1 Ultimately, premium video puts viewers first, while also protecting the interests of both buyers and sellers.

To advocate for the value of premium, the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video and the Video Advertising Bureau worked together to develop Buying Premium Video: A Definitive Checklist. Buyers and sellers transacting on premium video can use this checklist to guide their decisions in order to maximize success.

This checklist provides standards for premium video in three key categories, which were identified after extensive research about what qualities matter most to buyers, sellers, and viewers when it comes to premium video:

  • Quality of environment: 73% of buyers and 82% of viewers say a high-quality viewing experience makes content premium.1
  • Brand safety: 1 in 3 viewers cited trustworthiness as an element that makes video content premium, and brand safety is the top priority for defining premium video from sellers’ perspectives.1
  • Transparency: 56% of advertisers would increase video advertising spending with better measurement, attribution, and/or optimization capabilities allowing for better insight into how campaigns performed.1

Download Buying Premium Video: A Definitive Checklist to dive further into each of these elements and ensure that your video advertising campaigns truly stand out.

Download Checklist

1. FreeWheel: “What is Premium Video? Redefining What it Means to Be Premium in Advertising