Learn Why Advertisers and Consumers are Going F.A.S.T.

Comcast Advertising’s latest guide highlights the rise of free ad-supported streaming TV and its value to advertisers today as a complement to traditional TV and streaming advertising plans. As one of the newest forms of over-the-top (OTT), F.A.S.T. provides consumers with streaming services that feature linear-style channels, encouraging a lean-back experience and content discovery that mimics traditional TV viewing.

Paramount Plus, a subscription video on-demand service (SVOD), shared “F.A.S.T. channels have become a key part of our media mix for acquisition and awareness, as well as targeted campaigns to super-serve key audiences.” As the guide reveals, F.A.S.T. viewership has more than doubled year-over-year, and today, 6 out of 10 households with connected TVs are using F.A.S.T. services – getting a TV-like viewing experience without the cost or login required for linear TV or paid streaming.

Insights from F.A.S.T. provider XUMO highlight engagement numbers and other performance metrics pointing toward the service’s success. Many consumers may be landing on F.A.S.T. channels without even realizing it – through their integration into the channel guide by TV manufacturers. In fact, 70% of XUMO users are cord cutters, relying on XUMO as a complement to subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services.

“Today, premium publishers are creating F.A.S.T. channels to reach and engage with audiences, especially cord cutters,” said Mark McKee, General Manager, FreeWheel, Comcast Advertising’s media and technology arm. “A strong complement to traditional TV advertising, F.A.S.T. provides a powerful opportunity for advertisers to target their audiences, who may be unaware that the channels they’re viewing on their TVs are from F.A.S.T. services.”

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