TV Makes Memories:
A Study on Brand Recall

TV Makes Memories Report Cover Art

A research report from Comcast Advertising highlights how ads in the TV environment have a unique ability to drive recall for viewers. In partnership with MediaScience, TV Makes Memories, explores how different types of ad exposures impact memory.

The strongest memories are most effectively achieved through premium long-form TV advertising – both traditional and streaming – on the big screen. Research finds that the full-screen experience leaves a lasting impact on viewers, leading to greater memory, which ultimately guides consumers as they move towards purchase. Ads viewed in the TV environment had 1.3x greater purchase intent than ads shown in a mobile environment.

“This research confirms that in the high-quality, long-form, big screen TV environment, where visual attention is high, brands are more likely to be remembered,” said Mark McKee, General Manager, FreeWheel, Comcast Advertising’s media and technology arm. “There’s a direct correlation with exposure to this premium video, full-screen viewing experience and enhanced memory – which ultimately informs consumers as they consider purchase.”

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