Webcast On Demand: FreeWheel Recaps Findings from The Video Marketplace Report

Freewheel’s Executive Director of Advisory Services, Sabrina Alimi, was one of the presenters for the “Ad Views, Endpoints, and Everything In Between” virtual event hosted by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).

Key Takeaways

During her presentation, Sabrina reviewed many important insights from the latest Video Marketplace Report including the following key takeaways:

1H ‘22 Saw a Large Growth In Digital Ad Impressions, Up 81% Versus 2021

Sabrina attributed the growth in digital ad impressions to how much easier it is for consumers to access streaming than ever before. Smart TV acquisition grew significantly during the pandemic making it easier to use and find content. Streaming can also be accessed through a variety of subscription models – with FAST channels, for instance, consumers aren’t faced with a barrier to entry by having to login via a cable authentication. The barrier to entry to streaming has gone down significantly through the years.

OTT Streaming Access Has Passed the Tipping Point

41% of ad views come through the MSO (traditional cable), with 59% coming from OTT. At 29%, the biggest OTT ad view segment belongs to the free ad-supported television (FAST) channels, replicating the traditional TV experience with 24/7 content, but from far more niche channels. FAST growth is expected to continue accelerating the availability of content in the marketplace.

26% of Ad Views Were Transacted Programmatically, and That’s Expected to Grow to 50% by 2026

Programmatic ad views have grown 26% year over year. Technology advances are helping to pave the way for better transactions and more focus is being put on viewer experience, which is crucial to success, particularly with live streams.

For more insights, check out the most recent version of the Video Marketplace Report available for download here.