FreeWheel Innovators: Insights From the Leaders of the TV Ad Industry

Premium Video Advertising

Advertising has been an integral part of television for as long as television has existed. But the way we consume TV is constantly evolving. From the earliest broadcasts to today’s multiscreen ecosystem, advertisers have adapted to new technology while revolutionizing how we receive information. Today, a growing market, access to advanced metrics, new viewing habits, and countless other forces have caused the rate of change to accelerate. In the face of a new technological landscape, advertisers and publishers have two choices: innovate or fall behind. Still, in this complex and ever-evolving world of media buying and selling, it can be difficult to stay abreast of the latest innovations. That’s where FreeWheel Innovators comes in. FreeWheel Innovators is an in-depth video series featuring insights from leaders of ad industry like Kepler, Matterkind, and BrkThru and interviews with innovators such as Raja Rajamannar, David Kline, and Huda Kazi.


Innovation does not simply happen. It requires individuals and companies to understand needs, address challenges, and take action to push an industry forward. As an industry leader, FreeWheel has guided this charge by not only adapting to new technology, but by transforming the world of ad tech itself. But FreeWheel is not alone in creating this new ecosystem. FreeWheel Innovators is an opportunity to showcase the brands, agencies, and publishers who are driving the industry forward while turning longstanding advertising challenges into opportunities. Whether it’s highlighting pioneers in the field of conscious marketing or gaining insights from our partners, FreeWheel Innovators endeavors to give you an insider’s perspective into the future of premium video advertising.

The Future

FreeWheel is at the forefront of innovation. Today’s media landscape has created an explosion of data, screens, and platforms. With this, comes an opportunity and a need to improve the ways that advertisers reach audiences and how publishers distribute content. By showcasing the incredible talent and tenacity of these leaders, FreeWheel Innovators seeks to improve the TV and advertising experience for everyone – buyers, sellers, and viewers. Because sharing the innovations of our industry is just one way for FreeWheel to turn on the future.

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