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Streaming Platform Leverages Beeswax for Scalable User Acquisition

Campaign Execution Success

Streaming platform sees 3X increase in incremental listeners after implementing a new CPA bidding strategy.


A dominant player in the entertainment streaming market needed a refreshed strategy to win back former users. In a competitive market with rising user acquisition costs, the platform required an innovative approach to reach new audiences and reignite user engagement.


Beeswax’s CPA Bidding Strategy
This turnkey solution automates the creation and deployment of performance algorithms to optimize campaigns to meet or exceed cost-per-action/acquisition goals and decrease campaign costs.

By implementing the CPA bidding strategy on the Beeswax DSP, the streaming platform was able to efficiently scale its in-app display campaign and optimize ad delivery. As a result, the platform achieved significant growth in its conversion rate with a decrease in cost-per-incremental listener.


Increase in incremental listeners when
leveraging new CPA bidding strategy on Beeswax

“Switching over to CPA bidding made everything easier for us. It allowed us to save time by automating campaign optimization and make more efficient use of our advertising dollars, while still meeting the target CPA goals of our campaigns.”

– Ad Ops Manager at Streaming Platform

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