Watch the Culture Conversations Webcast Episode 5 Replay

May is Asian Pacific Heritage month, a celebration of the Asian and Pacific Islander community in the United States. Now, it’s more critical than ever for us to stand up for and in solidarity with the AAPI community amid the rise of anti-Asian racism and attacks throughout the country.

Companies and brands have been quick to show solidarity with the AAPI community, announcing various initiatives during the month, however, it’s also important for them to consistently advocate for authentic media representation, fight biases and tell the unique stories that explore the diverse makeup of the AAPI community.

This webcast explores the Asian identity in various media endeavors and see how companies can utilize their unique positions and brands to help unbundle/reshape the misleading portraits of the AAPI community.

The Culture Conversations webcast series explores the nuanced issues and opportunities affecting the marketing community. Industry thought leaders share their insights on a range of topics.

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