FreeWheel U.S. Video Marketplace Report: H2 2021

The Digital Video Landscape Expands

Programmatic Growth Creates Efficiency for Advertisers Who Want to Reach Engaged Audiences

Following a nearly two-year span of unprecedented industry ebbs and flows, the second half of 2021 saw a resurgence of digital video advertising. The premium video ecosystem continues to evolve, and ad views grew 45% YoY as people consumed ad-supported video in new ways. The plethora of devices and streaming services available to consumers attract a wide range of audiences, but also leads to fragmented viewing.

Programmatic buying is helping to aggregate these audiences for buyers by offering a way to reach them more efficiently. In H2 2021, an 80% YoY increase in programmatic growth was recorded. Now more than ever it’s important for premium video sellers to provide a clear understanding of where ads are delivering to help buyers find their audiences as the ecosystem continues to evolve.

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